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Its weird, but my stats between these two tanks is enormous. T62a alternative load out world of tanks blitz duration. D follow my twitch to be notified when im streaming. Jun 29, 2015 but between e100 and e50m, ill choose e100, the e50m is the weakest tier x no way is the e50m the weakest tier 10. Tankopedia will introduce you to the vehicles youll encounter ingame and help you study their characteristics. E50m vs leo 1 world of tanks blitz join the public discord server. Or does better frontal armour for bouncesramming capabilities put the e50m over the t62a. Check and compare stats, armor, 3d models, tips and tactics for all tanks in the game. Thats why i am taking edrards assessment and translating it to english.

Almost impenetrable turret, great for hull down, less chance to get hit on turret by the sideshighest dpm. Search for vehicles using special filters or explore our custommade vehicle collections. Feb 03, 2015 hello again so i decided that id do a proper comparison between my 2 favourite tier x mediums and give my opinions on them. Guess this is a frequently asked question and ive read through pretty much all the forum topics eunaasia included comparing the two. Obj 140 world of tanks blitz 7000 dmg r2k archive ft we1se wotinfo weak points of object 140 buy wot personal missions for obj. A vehicle too fast to handle has escaped the wargaming vault. E50 vs e50m gameplay world of tanks official forum. Our games are frequently updated with new features. The e50 has the armor and dispersion but is not as fast or as. Model tanks bonus code world of tanks blitz general.

Feb 28, 2016 best mt leo1 vs e50m vs t62a posted in general discussion. Gives the armor layout and smaller weak spots for the front, angled, side, and rear views. Ok guys, i bought myself an e50m and this is how i feel about it. Best mt leo1 vs e50m vs t62a general discussion world of. I have decent stats in the e50m, but in the t62a, i might as well be afk. So i felt ive come quite a ways away from my tank driving roots, and also that im off my game a bit. But between e100 and e50m, ill choose e100, the e50m is the weakest tier x no way is the e50m the weakest tier 10. However, the e 50 and e 75 tanks used the tiger ii enginetransmission compartment, which made rear placement of the transmission impossible.

All users are welcomed and encouraged to create and participate in discussions. Take a look at bushka on blitzs youtube video of this tank to see what it can do in the hands of a capable driver. The german army demanded that the eseries tanks had transmissions positioned in the rear. World of tanks blitz how to e50m the advanced tactical guide. Hey all i am starting to branch out into the mt line and am not sure which to grind. But i wanted to take a step back and try to relearn some stuff that i seem to have totally forgotten. Things i think are important over all armor firepower acceleration brawling ability sniping ability turn radius. The roar of the engines belonging to millions of tanks will tear through the air while the sound of thousands of battles echoes around the world. In game its the same, and perfect for the e 50 ms playstyle. I hope you guys enjoy this one, i had a lot of fun driving it, and the. Wot guru june 22, 2014 russia has three tier 10 medium tanks to choose from and the t62a not only was the first but is also the one that most people use as the standard to compare the other two against. To facilitate effective and convenient communications between users, editors and the wiki staff from all wargaming services and regions, the wiki discussion page and its associated talk page will be dedicated to public discussions of all wikirelated matters. T62a alternative load out world of tanks blitz youtube. Best mt leo1 vs e50m vs t62a posted in general discussion.

At the same time a variant, the t62a, with a rifled gun was also deployed. Wot blitz t62a buffed enough 1 vs 5 ending in mastery world. So i have to ask which teir 9 is better in your opinion. E50m vs t110e5 general discussion official forum world. M tank was a redesign of the e 50 project with the transmission placed in the rear. Development of the first soviet postwar medium tank started in 1951. Blitzstars presents live player statistics as well as historical player data for world of tanks. Learning takes afterthought, and so the plateau is inevitable. E50m vs leo 1 world of tanks blitz join the public discord server with the following. Watched gameplay videos and all but im still spoilt for choice. T62a the bushka build world of tanks blitz youtube.

This vehicle has an excellent armoring which, in combination with high number of health points, allow it to withstand even concentrated enemy fire. Ive narrowed down my choices to either an e50m medium or a t110e5 heavy. We understand theres excitement to know whats next. Here is a selection of the best 3d printable stl files for 3d printer to rise up with nice planes. So im on the verge of getting my first tier 10 tank, finally. The t64 i believe is best all around, i just dont like the gun dispersion and dont really do t10 clan wars. My playstyle is usually going to flanks and sniping away from there and then quickly charging in to finish off people. Take a look at bushka on blitz s youtube video of this tank to see what it can do in the hands of a capable driver. I bought the tiger 1 world of tanks model and it came with a bonus code to get in game.

This remains one of my most loved and enjoyed vehicles of all time. A tier x medium that actually has armor other tier xs should pay attention to, the e 50 m is a spearhead and sniper tank that is comfortable both staying back and picking off hitpoints at will, or getting into the face of or simply around. As always thanks to the guy that inspired me to start rolling out blitz content. In 1961, the t62 tank with a smoothbore gun was deployed. T62a alternative load out world of tanks blitz this remains one of my most. Its just so much better one of the best tier 9s in the game russian meds are the best in the game, flexible, crazy dpm and a solid turret t62a has a much better turret than 140.

The grey death metal gunship of justice and long range laser beams is back with its. The e50 is the heaviest medium tank in the game and, at the same time, one of the most effective vehicles available for the germans. A medium tank with an oscillating turret and automatic loading. Hello everyone, as some of you know, i am not exactly fond of soviet tanks i levelled up the t54, but thats about it, so i cant really evaluate the object 140. But rumours say that it doesnt give a wow factor when exchangeing the tier. E50 vs t54 general discussion official forum world of. I wanted to get some feedback from players who have actually driven one or both of these tanks on the pros and cons for each beyond what i can read for myself on the tank stats before committing my xpsilver.

The speedster in question is the soviet t502, one of the fastest tier vi light tanks, and the latest scout to light up the battlefield. I have both the t44 and the panther 2 and im asking which medium line should i finish first. Aug 05, 2017 i bought the tiger 1 world of tanks model and it came with a bonus code to get in game. With an extra two degrees of gun depression, the t62a is a force to be reckoned with. May 10, 2015 3 overall, does the great camo ratinghull down capabilitiesbetter agilitylow profile of the t62a put it over the e50m. Cz wot tech tree proposal older wot versions georgicas blog. I put in the code and it said its activated but i dont know where to get it so i can play with it. From what i understand it has better pen and mobility but does that make up for the tier increase.

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