Oil in coolant detroit series 60 engine

Look at this oil coolant tube for a detroit diesel 12. The detroit diesel series 60 is an inlinesix 4 stroke diesel engine produced since 1987. I do inframes, i cut counterbores, yes, i work on series 60 engine daily. Freightliner replaced the oil cooler and some sort of oil pump drive assembly. Toward the end, it filally got some coolant in the oil. Detroit diesel series 60 epa07 engine service manual pdf. For total oil capacity refer to the engine application manual or contact an authorized detroit diesel distributor. What causes oil to get into coolant tank in detroit diesel.

This inline sixcylinder, fourcycle diesel engine for big rigs was one of the first engines to ever feature an overhead camshaft. Detroit diesel series 60 epa07 service, repair, overhaul. Oil pressure will be greater than coolant therefor it forces the oil into the cooling system. Locate the oil cooler on the righthand side of the engine block.

To meet the demand for a new type of engine that would help usher turbodiesels into this millennium, detroit diesel a subsidiary of chrysler ag introduced the series 60. If the coolant has black fuel in it it is most likely a head gasket. Detroit 60 series full service, diy step by step guide oil, oil filter, fuel filter change duration. Series 60 detroit water pump removal with egr duration. Fluids and lubricants specifications diesel enginegenerator. It never got coolant in the oil, but always oil in the coolant. If neglected long enough it will either leak coolant into the oil or will leak externally.

The coolant must not contain any oil or copper residue in solid or dissolved form. Where is the oil temperature sensor located on a 60 series. Blown head gasket more than likely you have a bad head gasket. The oil cooler uses the coolant so also functions to quickly warm the oil. Ddec iiiiv detroit diesel series 60 engines equipped with ddec iii or ddec iv electronic control systems are identified by a k in the sixth position of the model. No visable coolant in oil, or oil in coolant, and engine seems to run o. Detroit diesel series 60 operators manual pdf download. What causes coolant in oil of a series 60 detroit answers. Is there anything besides a leaking oil cooler that would cause this.

I have a terex scraper s7 1976 with a 471 detroit in it that is used sporatically to haul clay or dirt. Almost by definition, truckers have always been practically obsessed with engine reliability fuel mileage. Which is standard interval for 2007 epa engines as long as the uoa looks good. Can anyone tell me what happens when an oil cooler goes out in. Remove the cylinder head and inspect the cylinder head gasket for. Detroit diesel series 60 engine fitzgerald glider kits. As a result, an oil cooler or oil circuit kit is used to help cool the oil. During this period, all of the coolant in the system is recirculated through the engine and is directed back to the suction side of the water pump via a bypass tube. Ds23518092 parts listed are provided for reference purposes only and do not imply that they are compatible with all series 60 models. New oem oil temperature sensor for detroit diesel series 60. Use the socket set to remove the oil cooler housing from the side. Replace lower end bearing kit, make necessary repairs, flush cooling system, and change engine oil. I have a freightliner century with pre egr detroit 60 series motor.

My nephew bought a boat and when i went down with him to check the fluids today 1 of the engines had a oil in the tank on the top of engine where the coolant. Search our large inventory of usedrebuiltcore detroit 60 ser 12. Looking for a replacement oil cooler for your detroit diesel series 60 engine. Bro0002 coolant requirements for engine cooling systems. Big rigs 2003 detroit 60 coolant issues one of our trucks has a coolant loss problem. I have a 2007 freightliner with a series 60 detroit w the. The oil temperature in the 60 series can range quite high. Page 128 high altitude operation incorrect engine gear train timing low coolant temperature oil. Fault codes for detroit diesel series 5060 engines. At that time, it differed from most onhighway engines by using an overhead camshaft and drive by wire electronic.

To meet the demand for a new type of engine that would help usher turbodiesels into this millennium, detroit diesel a subsidiary of chrysler ag introduced the series 60 as its industry trump car. When the engine is restarted the cylinder heads and intake manifold expand faster than the cooling system pressurises so no coolant leaks into the oil. If there is coolant in the oil, the cylinder liner orings are. Injector lines are not leaking, pump seals are good, no coolant in oil, no oil in coolant. Three weeks ago, the temperature guage went to maximum.

Brand new coolant temperature sensor for detroit diesel series 60 23514708. Oil cooler series 60 detroit diesel engines catalog page 190. Detroit diesel fuel in crankcase oil heavy equipment forums. If you do not know the exact part number for your specific engine. Dont notice anything in the oil and the engine has been running fine.

Why do i have oil in radiator of detroit diesel 60 series. Where antifreezeboilover protection is required, use only ethylene glycol coolant low silicate formulation meeting gm 6038m, gm 1899m, or astm d 4985. It usually has 3 wires, and sometimes can be buried in the. Detroit diesel released its 60 series truck motor in 1987. Warranty does not cover shipping, installation, labor. A truck has oil in the coolant, could it be the oil cooler. If there is coolant in the oil, the cylinder liner orings are leaking. As the coolant temperature rises above 86 89 c 186 193 f for vehicle, industrial, and keelcooled marine engines or 69 73 c. Steam and water coming from the blo by tube on my series 60 detroit. Shop our selection oil coolers or call to speak with an expert. Detroit diesel series 60 sensors pressure temperature.

The low oil pressure at idle is a frequently complained about issue with those particular engines, so if you have one, its a good idea to keep an eye on your lower bearings to ensure theyre getting the proper lubrication. Series 60 onhighway engine operators guide howto section this section covers detroit diesels recommendations on how to select lubricating oil, fuel oil, and coolant and includes basic engine. Detroit diesel series 60 common problems and failures. Detroit diesel series 60 oil coolers diesel engine parts. Series 60 coolant flow schematic without comments the pressurized engine coolant is drawn from the lower portion of the radiator by the water pump and is forced through the oil cooler and into the. The oil gallery holes on the gasket, are probably worn and oil is getting mixed in with your coolant. If there is no coolant in the oil, your oil cooler is probably leaking. Oil in coolant is most likely the oil cooler or the oil cooler seals. Why do i have oil in radiator of detroit diesel 60 series engine.

Hi,what model detroit engine and how many miles does it have on it please. Series 60 detroit diesel engines catalog page 190, oil cooler groups. Codes 43, 44,45,51 and 53 are critical codes and if they are shown. Cant find any place under the hood that is wet either. The majority of corrosion inhibitors currently approved for internal coolant. Why is oil in water in radiator on series 60 detroits.

Cooling system detroit diesel troubleshooting diagrams. Discussion in general industry questions started by tom spivak, feb 19. Fitzgerald glider kits has taken this already outstanding engine and improved on its durability. Hello first off im used to working on outboards but no experience working on diesels. Thinking everything was ok i drove it for 7000 miles and noticed more oil. Ive seen a few posts saying that it could be head gasket, oil cooler leak, cracked headcylinders.

We had to strip the block and pressurize the oil passages with air and with the help of some plugs and tape put water in the block and immediately got bubbles. New coolant temperature sensor for detroit diesel series. Also this engine will only blow out water through the resevoir tube if it gets to 200 degrees. Besides oil leaks and wet stacking when idling the engine ran strong.

The series 60 epa07 service manual provides complete mechanical maintenance, service and overhaul information for series 60 epa07 engines. I got a detroit 60 series ddec v that is showing oil in the coolant. I got a detroit 60 series ddec v that is showing oil in. Problems with series 60 detroit diesel engine it still runs.

You will have a slime of sorts in the upper surge tank. Radiator coolant leaks into the oil excessive steam and water. Engine detroit diesel series 60 ddec vi troubleshooting manual 403 pages. In order to lower nox emissions, later series 60 engines. For classic 2cycle engines series 53, 71, 92, 149, visit the mtu detroit diesel 2cycle website. Now the coolant in oil thing, possible but not likely, pressure difference mentioned above. When you buy a detroit product, youre buying billions of miles of engineering excellence. Look at the detroit diesel web site for a distributer in your area.

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